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Akhil Remashan Namaste, I'm Akhil

I am a freelance UX designer with an affection for creating seamless and impactful user experiences. ‍I believe my passion for cracking challenges and proficiency in bringing people together made me a UX designer. In-depth user research and brainstorming are my favorite part of the UX process.

Earlier during my internship days, I started as a Web developer. Most of my clients were startups and local businesses from India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia - It was during that period I learned what a hindrance inefficient, poorly-designed websites could affect business marketing and productivity. These reflections made me focus on user interface and experience designing; Eventually, I got some opportunities to design client projects during the internship. Ultimately this background helped me land my first full-time designer position at XL Technologies.

I am always trying to grow and learn new technologies, tools, and trends. I believe my methodology of designing and development has been sharpened over my years of industry experience. Academically, after completing my Bachelor's degree in English and Communication, I chose to go for MBA in Marketing Management as I understand the importance of knowledge in marketing studies, user research, and business intelligence as a UX UI professional.

Efficient and easygoing, I aim to build open collaborations to reach mutual ambitions; Please don't hesitate to reach out— I'm happy to chat about work and joint effort!

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UX UI tools
Position Company Industry Website
UX Designer Manorama Online Online Media manoramaonline.com
UX Designer InAppAd Marketing & Advertising iqm.com
UX Designer Zibtek Information Technology & Services zibtek.com
UX Designer Creative Caffeine Design Agency creativecaffeine.in
UX UI Designer XL Technologies Information Technology & Service xltechglobal.com

Internships & Consulting
Position Agency Industry Type
UX Designer SoftwizTech Educational Technology Consulting
UX UI Designer Henote Information Technology Consulting
UX Designer Millennium EBS Finance Technology Consulting
UX Designer DSITEGoods & Services Consulting
Web Developer Xtreme! Marketing Online Marketing Consulting
Web Developer Catchafire Non-profits Volunteering
Visual Designer Syosys Information Technology Internship
Web Developer Tedsys Information Technology Internship
Web Developer LCC Educational Technology Internship

If you think I would be a great fit for your team as a full-time designer or support your team as a freelance designer, feel free to contact me via Email or LinkedIn, and let’s discuss more!